Welcome to my blog. This is where I’m going to post all of the things I think a kid should do the summer before middle school. So to start we need a list of things to do. It just so happens that I have a list and here it is.

  1. Run a 5K
  2. Hang out by the pool with friends
  3. Act in a play with friends
  4. Travel to Seattle
  5. Babysitting for the first time
  6. Ride a roller coaster at Valley Fair
  7. Meet new friends at summer camp Safari
  8. Hit the beach – Bush Lake beach
  9. See old mentors
  10. Going to friends birthday
  11. Seeing cousins
  12. Cabin time with friends
  13. Summer sleep over
  14. Family game night
  15. Friends and family movie night
  16. Bike riding
  17. Dance camp
  18. Horse back riding
  19. Swimming at the community pool
  20. Jump in the lake from a boat
  21. Making food with Grandma
  22. Kickball game with family
  23. Making and trying new foods
  24. Art Classes
  25. Camping with cousins
  26. Take me out the ballgame
  27. Middle School camps
  28. Fathers day fun
  29. Canterbury race track
  30. Write a summer blog

This is going to be a fun summer with family and friends!

P.S. picture was taken on a family hike